Justin Bieber’s ‘Boyfriend’ video hits more than 12m views

LOS ANGELES, May 8 — Twitter stars Justin Bieber and Shakira are celebrating huge viewer milestones for their recently released video clips.

On May 6 Justin Bieber tweeted that the music video for his hotly-awaited single “Boyfriend” had reached over 12 million views in just two days while Shakira tweeted “Almost 4m views of #AddictedToYou in 3 days! That’s amazing. Thanks for the support guys.”

Justin Bieber’s single ‘Boyfriend’ racks up more than 12 million views on YouTube in just two days. — Picture courtesy of YouTubeJustin Bieber’s single ‘Boyfriend’ racks up more than 12 million views on YouTube in just two days. — Picture courtesy of YouTubeTwitter’s most popular microblogger, Lady Gaga, has been busy posting photos from her “Born This Way Ball” tour on her account.

TV celebrity Kim Kardashian donned a moustache cookie during a fun-filled Mexican-themed party with her friends in honour of Cinco de Mayo (Spanish for the “fifth of May”). She posted a series of photos from the night on her account and tweeted “Fiesta fiesta”.

Taylor Swift has also been using Twitter to post images from her daily life, the latest of which feature images of her cat Meredith “in various displays of bad posture”.

On Chinese microbloging site Sina Weibo, No. 1 user Yao Chen is quickly approaching 20 million followers, a record that has only been surpassed by Justin Bieber (21.4 million followers) and Lady Gaga (23.9 million followers) on Twitter. 

Sina Weibo’s second most popular user, Dee Hsu, is not far off the elusive milestone, with close to 19.5 million fans to her name.

Third party estimates put Twitter at more than 500 million registered users. Sina reported that it had more than 300 million registered users on Sina Weibo in February 2012.

Most popular people on Twitter:

1. Lady Gaga (23,871,328followers)

2. Justin Bieber (21,419,027)

3. Katy Perry (19,080,427)

4. Rihanna (18,446,019)

5. Britney Spears (16,360,751)

6. Shakira (15,878,839)

7. Barack Obama (15,028,495)

8. Kim Kardashian (14,577,421)

9. Taylor Swift (13,661,370)

10. YouTube (12,098,436)

Most popular people on Sina’s microblog (Weibo):

1. Yao Chen (19,977,195followers)

2. Dee Hsu (19,475,560)

3. Yang Mi (17,061,282)

4. Xie Na (16,977,552)

5. Leehom Wang (16,713,172)

6. Zhao Wei (16,507,756)

7. Kevin Tsai (16,264,660)

8. He Jiong (16,177,904)

9. Li Bingbing (14,813,550)

10. Chen Kun (14,255,185). — Relaxnews



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