Michael Mann to shoot the medieval battle of Agincourt

While Michael Mann has started the pre-production of a feature film about cyber crime, the acclaimed director is already planning to delve into medieval history for his following movie.

In "Agincourt", the director will adapt Bernard Cornwell's novel to the big screen, and relate the famous battle between French and English troops that took place in Northern France in 1415.

This project, first launched in 2010, will get a rewrite under Stuart Hazeldeine's supervision, noted The film will adopt the view point of Nicholas Hook, an archer who took part in this key English victory.

In the meantime, Mann will helm an untitled cyber crime thriller with Chris Hemsworth and Viola Davis taking place across China and the Balkans.

Michael Mann also has a gold rush drama in the pipeline ("Gold"), a gangster film called "Big Tuna," as well as a Robert Capa biopic, "Waiting for Robert Capa," relating the acclaimed photo war reporter's life. — AFP-Relaxnews



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