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A mixed bag of issues – Sakmongkol AK47

Many years ago when Eric Chia, the then boss of Perwaja Steel was embroiled in a court case, he went missing.

Something like the businessman who got whacked and trashed by Dr Zahid Hamidi is doing at the moment. I can't remember who was prosecuting Eric Chia then, but the country was treated to the spectacle of a missing witness.

Karpal Singh came out stating that the police were looking at the wrong address. The police said Karpal should look for Eric Chia at Sri Perdana. Sri Perdana was home of the then PM who was protecting Eric Chia from being prosecuted.

We are now facing the same mystery. The victim of the horrendous assault by Zahid Hamidi has gone missing. We can assume what actually happened – he was given an offer he cannot refuse- tons of money.

Excluding his own lawyer when negotiating with the arbitrator, maybe he thought he could keep all the money. The original criminal case brought against Zahid was dismissed. It its place a civil case was proffered.

Where should we look to locate this person? Karpal is said to be using his network of friends to locate him. He is depending on Mat Sabu who in turn is depending on his network of informers to locate Ahmad Bazli.

They are looking at the wrong address. He may be living in country heights at the moment. That is where the people should be looking at him.

Mat Sabu is a Shia, Ibrahim Ali is too, and so is Malaysia.

I am thinking Malaysia should be tried by the courts. Malaysia is Shia because it has links with Iran and other Shia nations. Pakistan has a large Shia population as does India. Malays has long standing links with Iran which MUST make Malaysia Shia by association.

I want to ask the government, which is more dangerous now – Shia or Communism. Malaysia has links with China, Russia and other communist countries. Our leaders embrace these communists. They must be communists by association.

This kind of simpleton reasoning destroys the intellectual credibility of Zahid Hamidi who has a doctorate from a local university. Perhaps this local university needs to review the award of that degree because it discredits the integrity of the university.

It should be ashamed that a person holding a distinguished degree from the university would offer this kind of bizarre reasoning. Did Zahid really attend school?

As for Zaid Ibrahim, he has to answer for himself.

I am surprised no one from Umno took up the cudgels to bludgeon Zaid. I asked Umno to expose how many APs did Zaid get, how many contracts he got, how many concessions he got etc., no one from UMNO came out with guns blazing. The fact of the matter – they have nothing on Zaid Ibrahim. So Zaid has to do some sort of melancholic write-up of what he actually got by “associating” with Umno. His latest article should be read carefully.  –, December 13, 2013.

* Sakmongkol AK47 is the nom de guerre of Raub MP Datuk Ariff Sabri Abdul Aziz.

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