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Avoiding corruption course for MPs? Nonsense — Kunjuraman Karuppan

DEC 6 — You get worried about the old country sometimes. From rather nonsensical statements made by so-called authorities to unquestioning reporters, one gets the feeling that most of Malaysia is mediocre, and stupid.

The latest is a course on avoiding corruption for parliamentarians by the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) and the Attorney-General’s Chambers next year, says PEMANDU director D. Ravindran.

While you are at it, Mr Ravindran, how about a course for those in the august Dewan Rakyat to stop lying or using foul language. Perhaps even potty training?

What, these MPs are kids is it? They are stupid? They don’t know right from wrong? How hard is it to stop corruption? Stop taking money for favours. Stop doing favours that will give advantage to one party over another.

How hard is that, Mr Ravindran, that you are quoted as saying the following by a news portal, “So, for the first time, we are going to teach our parliamentarians what is right to take and what is not right to take.”

I mean, if the MPs don’t know what constitutes corruption, then Malaysia is in a lot of trouble. Then the MACC has been useless, and is that what you are saying, Mr Ravindran?

I am also disturbed that Mr Ravindran quoted an MACC study in 2007 that found that most university students considered it “acceptable” to give or receive bribes and this was why the MACC was also planning to teach students about corruption.

For his information, considering that he is from PEMANDU, the MACC was formed in 2009. I don’t want to split hairs with him but one must know the facts before speaking.

So I wonder if there ever was a study and if this is just another harebrained scheme to show that there are results in the anti-graft fight.

Our MPs should already know what is wrong and what is right. If they don’t, we should make sure they never make it to Parliament again. We don’t need to waste money on such courses for our MPs.

We should just make sure the MACC goes after and makes sure those who are corrupt get punished. Not teach them to avoid corruption. That is absolute nonsense.

* Kunjuraman Karuppan reads The Malaysian Insider.

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