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Bila mau tutup kedai? – Joe Taxpayer

So, President Barack Obama has cancelled his visit to Malaysia, as reported by The Malaysian Insider. This happened because the US government was shut down as it could not get approval from policy makers on its new fiscal year’s budget. One thing you could say about the Americans, whatever their political differences are, at least they know how their tax dollars are spent.


We have to wait until the Auditor General releases his annual report to get some clues as to how Bolehland spends our hard earned money according to their whims and fancies. Bet you this issue won’t make it to the headlines of Utusan Malaysia or get raised at the coming UMNO assembly. After all, Bolehland’s perennial response is, “Semua-nya ok!”

We are dangerously close to exceeding our debt ceiling. At 53% we are but a few steps away from the policy limit of 55%. Throw in the government’s contingent liabilities and we could very well have exceeded that. Considering that a similar scenario had caused the US government to stare at a potential fiscal cliff in 2012 - I feel compelled to ask our prime minister, “bila kerajaan mau tutup kedai?”

Not an unreasonable question if the prime minister takes stock of the rate his administrations’ agencies are bankrupting the nation. And if you don’t feel bad enough about the impending financial days of doom, then the revelation that gatekeepers are also guilty of blowing away taxpayers’ monies ought to get you seething.

Say, has any IRB officer knocked on your door for a tax audit? Then why don’t you remind him of that RM9 million that his department wasted as highlighted by the AG’s report? And you wonder why people are cynical when it comes to paying income taxes or even fudge their tax returns? After all, their government is the one providing them with ample examples of a delinquent attitude.

Anyone with elementary budgeting knowledge would tell you that we are in peril of falling over our own fiscal cliff; when we are eventually forced to “tutup kedai”; when those who conveniently retort “semuanya ok” are miles away after financial calamity has struck.

I wonder if the Hindraf boys are still eager to have 2/3 parliamentary majority returned to the UMNO/BN cadre? Or perhaps The Star could give us another “inspired” op-ed on how the UMNO-led circus had ‘wonderfully’ managed our country’s coffers for the past 50 years? - October 3, 2013.

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