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Captain Ahab, Pequod vs Moby Dick — Sakmongkol AK47

APRIL 18 — We like it when Dr Mahathir speaks as often as he wants to. While I have often described him as the man who can walk on water, in this article he is Captain Ahab to Najib’s Starbuck as far as the Umno mother ship is concerned. The Umno ship is the Pequod which sails out under Captain Ahab seeking revenge on the sperm whale Moby Dick. Captain Ahab is completely consumed by revenge to seek out and kill off Moby Dick. Because Moby Dick has bitten off a portion of one of his legs.

What’s with Dr Mahathir really? The ghosts of misdeeds past are haunting him? Have we the people bitten off part of his left leg? Right leg? Well, we know eventually the ship went down bringing along Ahab to his watery grave.

Please don’t stop him. We want Dr Mahathir to speak more about Malaysian politics. The more he says, the faster is the demise of Umno. Apparently he has forgotten why Pak Lah in 2004, got the largest majority in the history of BN. Dr Mahathir and NOT Pak Lah was the main factor giving BN the largest mandate.

Not that the people thought Pak Lah would be a good PM. He turned out to be a sleepy head on the many issues facing the country. History will probably remember him as the PM we got as a result of a mistake.

The main reason why Pak Lah got the biggest majority was that the people were rejoicing at the exit of Mahathir. Malaysia is today what Africa was 20 years ago. Malaysia is fast becoming a frontier town with gunslingers around.

Since 1981 to be exact, Umno has changed in character completely. It has evolved into an evil empire devouring the wealth of the country through a complex network of cronies and a labyrinth of shady deals leading back eventually to the upper reaches of the Umno leadership. The buck does indeed stop there.

How does the Malay man react to the unending list of felonious acts? I find it distressing when grown up men, intelligent ones at that, justifying and rationalising all the evil that Umno has done as forgivable because they are committed by Malays. When a Malay rapes and pillages, that is all right and forgivable because he is one of us? Has Umno since 1981, evolve into an old boy network of thieves and murderers?

When a Malay contractor gets a project at an Umno price, it’s ok because at least a Malay got it. The Malay gets 20-30 per cent, the rest goes to his Chinese subcontractor. The Umno Malay is a profiteering parasitic intellectual gnome.

Where will Umno and BN get their votes from? From the over 60s who are not that large number? Those who have crossed over to the other GOOD side are not likely to come back to BN. Umno and BN will also get votes from the instant Malaysians — the immigrants who came and were given MyKads.

Perhaps privy to the biggest electoral scam ever in our history, Captain Ahab wants to help steer the Umno ship to its ocean grave. We must encourage Dr Mahathir to seek out Moby Dick. Moreover, we have a lame duck PM who has declared war on the people. The PM is also forgetful that the people, who made the mistake of wrongly voting in the last elections, were in the 49 per cent group of popular voters. The 51 per cent group must have gotten it right. Stick to it people. —

* Sakmongkol AK47 is the nom de plume of Datuk Mohd Ariff Sabri Abdul Aziz. He was Pulau Manis assemblyman (2004-2008).

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