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Dirty tricks of the BN media — Fikry Osman

December 09, 2012

DEC 9 — There is a good reason not to buy newspapers owned by Barisan Nasional (BN) parties. They lie, twist and misinterpret news against opposition parties.

Look what The Star has done with Kelantan this week, reporting that four non-Muslims were caught for khalwat by local council officers. The officers had also apparently asked for bribes.

Isn’t this just another trick by the MCA-owned newspaper to make PAS look bad? To make people fear PAS and raise the spectre of an intolerant and punitive Islamic state? 

On the other side, the NST does the same, except it is against DAP where it says our way of life is in danger because DAP is secular, communist or Christian in outlook.

These newspapers should make up their mind. It is one or the other and not all. It just shows how they will lie for their political masters.

Is this the best way to win votes for BN then? By lying and making up all kinds of accusations, by dividing people according to race and religion? What ever happened to nation building?

Is it any wonder that these newspapers are facing a shrinking circulation with the kind of half-baked lies that they perpetuate? I hope people vote with their wallet and boycott these filthy rags that masquerade as newspapers.

They’re trash and should be treated as such for the kind of tricks they pull off to smear the opposition parties.

We need better journalism and the BN media isn’t it.

* Fikry Osman reads The Malaysian Insider.

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