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Do you know how to write the word ‘shame’? — May Chee Chook Ying

FEB 19 — Read that CSL took a swipe at OTK by saying that he, the latter, can’t lead and that was why he was toppled in a year. On the contrary, he, OTK, was toppled because he exposed corruption and that to me, is the sorriest thing MCA has done to itself!

Not too long ago when CSL was vilified left and right for his “indiscretion” I remember telling my husband that everyone should just forgive him (after all, he admitted his transgression) and let him be. I wasn’t condoning his act but I believe in second chances and more than that, I felt sorry for his wife and family for the pain they must have been going through. I remember, then, I wasn’t too happy that OTK did not seem to be able to forgive him. On hindsight, OTK maybe, knew a lot, lot more.

I have always admired OTK since his days as a youth leader. He was a rare breed. He dared to say what had to be said. So, when this whole PKFZ fiasco came about, I was not too surprised. He always had the guts to do the right thing. And here we have, coming from another MCA chief, proudly declaring that if a leader has the guts and gumption to take on corruption, they, the MCA, could bring him down within a year! My dear CSL, “Ni, hwei pu hwei, seh na ke cho zhi?” Do you know how to write the word “shame”?

Here is a man who could have brought back dignity to their ranks but they brought him down! What went into their heads? What was going through their minds? Mind you, I don’t think every MCA guy is useless. I hear there’s a good “Datuk” in Seremban and another kind “doctor” in Ipoh. I wish I could say the list goes on but …

Some time back, I remember telling my kids that Malaysian politics, has to at some point move away from being race-based. In my humble opinion, the point is now or never. So, MCA, let me tell you this — you are not representing me, a Chinese because I refuse to remain a racist. If I need any help I will go to those who can best handle my problem, not because I’m Chinese, so only a Chinese political party can best watch out for me. For that, kudos to the DAP for realising that race-based politics is so out of touch, today.

OTK is the only visible MCA leader today who dares to call a spade, a spade. And you MCA people can’t appreciate nor treasure that? Just recently one of your leaders lied through his teeth about the Tung Shin teargas incident (I should know, I was there!) and now with the 1 Care controversy that’s going to rob us blind, he’s still around? CSL, prove your mettle now, bring him down within a year!

Please, MCA, look at what you have reduced yourself to? You, the present crop of leaders want to compare yourself to others. Only two of you are facing trial for the PKFZ debacle, on charges of corruption. How many from the other side have been incarcerated for upholding the truth? How many of them had their health compromised, dignity stripped and years taken away because of the injustice inflicted, something you were party to, for just keeping quiet. Unlike the rest of you, OTK exposed corruption and how did you reward him? What does it say about the MCA when a leader is brought down by his very own people for upholding the truth?

Why are you still in the MCA, OTK? I’m hoping you don’t reduce yourself to being — “Since I can’t beat them, I’ll just join them!” Don’t you dare! Don’t you dare make my father turn in his grave! My dad started his voting years, voting for the MCA while my mum was a DAP diehard. Sadly, he ended his years, voting for the DAP. I remembered how, during each election season, they would be debating, too. The debates became lesser with the years and eventually, came to a halt. My dad died, disillusioned with the MCA. My mum, died, still a DAP diehard.

Do you know how we used to distinguish between the MCA and non-MCA politicians? Easy-peasy. The MCA politicians always looked fat and clumsy while the other, lean and sprightly. My two-sen’s worth — don’t vote for politicians who can’t fit into the normal chair or the ones who carry potbellies. Unsightly! Corruption does have a look, you know. Anyway, RPK is right, it’s not about the party. It’s about the candidate who would work for the interests of his or her constituents. It’s about being accountable to his or her electorate. It’s about service; it’s about him or her being your servant, not your master. It’s about him or her running around making things right, not sitting on his fat ass, getting fatter! It’s about him or her, dishing out money, making a difference to other people’s life, not stashing away money in some secret account. It’s about him or her, upholding the truth, not pulling wool over our eyes with some cock and bull rationale. Since when have we, Malaysians, been that stupid, that unscrupulous, that undignified? Hey, most of us do know how to write the word “shame”, right?

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