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Don’t we have anything better to do than bash the Jews? — Abdul Haleem Abdul Rahiman

MARCH 27 — Malaysians will have another day to deal with our MPs’ obsession with Israel, Zionists as well as the Jews in general.

This time our opposition MPs take the centre stage. Apparently they are preparing to table a motion in Parliament to propose that Malaysia ends all direct and indirect dealings with the Jewish state.

Yesterday, a group of MPs from Pakatan Rakyat will hold a press conference with regards to this proposed motion. The utter garbage which came out of the mouth of our opposition MPs can be read here.

A much respected Malaysian scholar based in Singapore, Dr Farish Noor, has written very well to counter our opposition MPs’ idea. You can read his piece here.

Please allow me to share my two-sen’s worth on Jew bashing in our beloved country.

Just how many of us (or even MPs) know how to differentiate between Israel, Zionists and the Jews?

How many Jews have Malaysians met in their life? I bet at least 50 per cent of the Malaysian population have never met a single Jew in their whole life?

Just how much do we know about the history of the Palestine-Israel conflict? Has anyone read the Balfour Declaration?

Just what is our problem with Israel? The Zionist oppression of Palestinians? Get this right. Not all Jews are in favour of this oppression. I personally know quite number of them.

We have NO diplomatic ties with Israel. Perfect. Shut up and move on. Leave them alone. None of them is interfering with our daily life. We have enough of Perkasa, RELA, JATI, JASA and what not to deal with. Oh yeah. Our MPs from both sides of the divide give us enough headache and/or comedy.

Enlighten me please. Just on what basis do we hate them so much? Because they oppress our Muslim brothers and sisters in Palestine? What about Syria then? Let’s not even go into Islamic oppression in most parts of the African continent?

If our sentiment about Israel is so powerful, why then do we bow to pressure from the United States to follow suit with sanctions on Iran. The whole wide world knows this round of sanctions was heavily lobbied by Israel.

This indirectly shows we support Israel? Don’t we? Why are we not standing up for our “brothers and sisters” in Iran? Rude awakening huh? Let me tell you more — there are Israelis (our most hated Jewish “brothers”) who are very much against any possible military action against Iran.

Why does Wisma Putra show very little, if not no interest at all, in this conflict with Iran? Anyway, can someone tell me where our foreign minister is? Does he have any interest in any of this subject matter?

By the way, can someone tell why did the Home Ministry ban the movie “Munich” by Steven Spielberg? How many of us know the tragedy of the Munich Olympics in 1972?

I would strongly suggest that our MPs concentrate on more productive subject matters such as national economy, state welfare, crime rate, education reformation, political maturity and also corruption. 

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