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Don’t you have other things to do, Tengku Adnan? - The Malaysian Insider

Tengku Adnan Mansor has a bunch of issues confronting him; the mass rally by Pakatan Rakyat at Padang Merbok is not one of them.

The endemic corruption in City Hall is one. The unbridled growth of hawkers all around the city is another. So is urban poverty and rubbish-strewn streets.

Then there is the millstone which has been hanging around his neck since the esteemed Royal Commission of Inquiry found him, Dr Mahathir Mohamad, V. K. Lingam and others guilty of fixing appointments to the judiciary.

You would think that with his plate full of real issues and with a major question mark on his integrity, the Federal Territories Minister would be circumspect with his public statements.

But no, he had to wade in today by saying that arrogance was at the heart of the Black 505 gathering today.

Here is some news for Tengku Adnan: hundreds of thousands of Malaysians have attended Black 505 rallies since the general election. In Kelana Jaya alone, more than 120,000 people crammed into the stadium.

Why? Because many Malaysians believe that there were elements of electoral fraud in GE13. That is also why thousands braved the haze to turn out today.

Pakatan Rakyat's or Anwar Ibrahim's rallying cry would not have much traction if the public were not like-minded on this important issue of electoral fraud.

Barisan Nasional and the likes of Tengku Adnan will be greatly mistaken if they believe that condescending views will win over the 51 per cent of Malaysians who voted for Pakatan Rakyat.

"Bad heart and ailing heart we can help, but it is difficult to find a remedy for the arrogant heart, " said Tengku Adnan today.

How about an immediate remedy for electoral shortcomings? – June 22, 2013.


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