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Dr Mahathir’s perverted logic: Good material in, garbage out — Sakmongkol AK47

SEPT 6 — Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is living in fear nowadays. He has to forsake his restful days to help out Umno. Which means that Najib is incapable of leading Umno. That can only be the most rational deduction.

He is now the torch-bearer for Umno. Umno must be rational, he says, and he says that while cavorting with the most irrational Umno surrogate, Ibrahim Ali, and Perkasa. Umno members must now support Ibrahim Ali if Umno leaders choose Ibrahim as a candidate in GE13. Umno members must be rational to accept a most irrational Malay candidate. 

That’s the inverse logic of Dr Mahathir. Good material in, garbage put. We know Dr Mahathir — he does the opposite of what he says.

Dr Mahathir is urging the Malays to stand on their heads. Not good, too much blood rushing to the brain. The Malays must now stand upright naturally. Rejecting Umno and its ways is the rational behaviour. Supporting Umno goes against the rational.

Umno can get the two-thirds majority if its members do not sabotage candidates chosen by the leadership. He is just confirming that despite having 3.2 million members, it hasn’t got leadership talent. Hence his Umno is full of half-past-six leaders. He is saying that in advance because he knows that Najib will field many non-Umno members as candidates in the next election. We wish him and Najib good luck. After leading Umno and its successor party for so long, both don’t seem to understand the Umno Malay mind.

I am beginning to think that what Daim once told me will become true. Come nomination day, Umno is 70 per cent fit to do battle. Come election day, it has lost 30 per cent of the seats.

Dr Mahathir’s motives behind his overarching and at times forceful articulation on behalf of Umno are irrelevant to us. Malaysians must remind him that in 2004 Pak Lah got the biggest mandate in history with courtesy from Dr Mahathir. People gave Pak Lah the biggest mandate, because they were celebrating the exit of Dr Mahathir. It wasn’t because of Pak Lah who in 2008 then led Umno/BN to its most disastrous outing. Let us now have a second celebration to give Najib and Umno their most crushing defeat.

He faces the grim prospects of seeing his Umno dispatched in the coming general election. For 22 years, Umno and he became one. So at stake is actually his legacy.

I will not dispute the opinion of many that Dr Mahathir is the best PM we have ever had. Perhaps people are mesmerised by his vision of a grandiose Malaysia. He was swilling to back up his vision by embarking on the grandest of physical developments. During his term of office, Malaysians marvelled at Putrajaya, Dayabumi, the Petronas Twin Towers, KLIA and many other monumental developments. Malaysia was flooded with first-world facilities unrivalled by many countries in Southeast Asia. In the Muslim world, Dr Mahathir was hailed a hero especially by the many despotic rulers in the Arab-speaking world.

From Dr Mahathir they have learnt one object lesson — people can be deceived and comforted into submission by giving them illusions of greatness.

Given those physical achievements how do we rate Dr Mahathir? Since this is a season of idioms and allegories, I would to share with readers a story.

It’s about a rich and powerful person. Let us call him Dr X. While endowed in those areas, Dr X is a sickly person. Not a single month passes without him contacting and developing some debilitating illnesses. He has gone to the best hospitals and private clinics but to no avail. So he made a covenant with Allah, that if during three months he is free from any illness, he will bestow a gift of a dwelling or its equivalent to orphans. A promise to Allah is a solemn one and our subject in this story knows that. After the vow and promise, Dr X was free from all form of sickness and illness. Still to reinforce his belief that this has indeed been a miracle from God, he extended the trial period to another month. Even after varying the original covenant, Dr X did not contact any illness.

He is now convinced that this was indeed a benediction from God. So he now must honour his part of the covenant.

So he started an advertisement to offer one of his palatial properties in the city. He offers for sale a property worth RM30 million with enough rooms and compound to potentially house an orphanage. He offers to sell the property for the sum of RM500,000, with the provision that whoever buys the property at RM500,000 must also buy an old cabinet inside the house for RM29.5 million. Therefore there were actually two items for sale. The house and the old cabinet. He found one serious willing buyer who duly signed the necessary papers to buy the house and the cabinet.

In his own ways, Dr X is a sufficiently religious person. He hasn’t forgotten his covenant with God. He takes RM500,000 and hands over the money to the trustees of an orphanage, entrusting them to use the money to build an orphanage. Dr X has therefore fulfilled his promise to God. Having done that, he still makes RM29.5 million.

It’s true — Dr Mahathir has given so many things that Malaysians can be proud of. The value of all those is RM500,000. Dr Mahathir has taken RM29.5 million.

Dr Mahathir is busy nowadays giving MPs and ADUNs from the various states pep talks. Presumably he has been telling the Umno legislators the same advice. Be rational. But he must not forget — every Umno legislative member who attended the meetings with Dr Mahathir at the Perdana Foundation think and believe that they are as winnable as Najib and Muhyiddin are. —

* Sakmongkol AK47 is the nom de plume of Datuk Mohd Ariff Sabri Abdul Aziz. He was Pulau Manis assemblyman (2004-2008).

* This is the personal opinion of the writer or publication and does not necessarily represent the views of The Malaysian Insider.


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