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Fear under gunfire - Lim Mun Fah

There have been a number of homicide cases over the past few weeks, catching the whole society in a very fearful and disturbing atmosphere.

Bad public order has been the people's general impression lately, oops! It is not an impression, but the real feeling!

Four days ago, the country was shocked by news about crime watchdog MyWatch chairman R Sri Sanjeevan being shot repeatedly by two men on a motorcycle and fell into critical condition.

When the people were still talking about the bizarre shooting, another more horrifying shooting took place. Arab Malaysian Banking Group founder Iranian Hussain Ahmad Najadi was shot dead while his Chinese wife was seriously injured when they emerged from the Kuan Yin Temple in Lorong Ceylon two days ago.

Sanjeevan was a controversial politician. As the MyWatch chairman, he had discovered many crime cases over the past year. In particular, he lodged police reports over suspected corruption acts in the police force and openly accused many senior police officers of involving in illegal activities like money laundry, gambling and prostitution. He had indeed gained a certain level of fame.

It is bizarre as Sanjeevan had wrote on his Twitter: "A @PDRMsia cop told some syndicate fellow that he’ll get them firearm & told them to fire few shots at my house to scare me/family!”

He lodged a police report and was shot almost to death a few hours later.

As for Hussain Ahmad, he was the founder of the country's fifth major bank with over 200 of branches. His book The Sea and Hiils had also received great responses. The death of such a well-known international banker will definitely cause a high degree of attention and the killing has brought a certain degree of negative impacts to the image of our country. Therefore, in addition to raising the attention of the public, it has also become a high priority of the police.

There have been a number of shooting in recent days, such as a shooting killing one and injuring two in Ipoh two days ago and another was injured in Bukit Mertajam on the same day. How could shooting cases happened so frequently? How could criminals become increasingly rampant and cruel? How could so many guns fall into the hands of criminals? To put it exaggeratedly, we seem to have been surrounded by a group of inhumane gunmen! We are in great worry and doubt.

The police's enforcement efficiency and the court's severe punishment sentences can indeed help prevent crimes and bring a deterrent effect. However, if the root of the problem causing rampant crimes are not solved, the issue would not be curbed no matter how efficient the police is and how severe the punishments are.

There are many roots for the problem of crimes and poverty is one of them, while education is also closely related. Wealth disparity leads to the emergence of hatred and problematic education leads to the collapse of social moral.

Social justice standards have also been distorted and these are the factors and roots of the problem. The government must properly address these issues. It should develop more equitable policies to reduce disparities while shaping social climate through education and rebuilding social justice standards.

Crime could be reduced only by doing so or the rich would have to continue living restlessly while the ordinary people would face difficulties in getting rid of worries, as well as the fear of threats! - - July 31, 2013

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