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Happy ending for NFC saga — Whistleblower 57

FEB 13 — Nazri Aziz is the Prime Minister’s troubleshooter and his statement in Sinar Harian about the case must be seen in this light. His suggestion that everything will be fine after Shahrizat Jalil’s family/her repay the RM250 million loan is not his idea but a compromise put together by Putrajaya.

As part of this drama script, the police will recommend that some form of charge be brought against NFC directors but the MACC aka the protectors of corrupt practices in government will clear Shahrizat.

Shahrizat’s family will be given a slap on their wrist and she will not have to resign. The audit firm hired by the government will come out with a report to talk about weaknesses in the NFC process and make a suggestion for the government to either shut it down or take over.

The audit firm will make some recommendations which the government will promise to implement.

The family behind Cowgate will have to relinquish their properties, etc and will be expected to fade away. But Shahrizat will not be forced to resign from Wanita Umno or the government.

This is the brilliant ending to the NFC saga but there is only one spanner in the works and that is the fact that more than RM150 million of the RM250 million was used without proper authorisation.

Therefore, this is not some internal dispute or administrative foul up which Nazri is talking about.

This is either CBT or a lesser criminal offence. But I suppose when corruption is part of the DNA of the ruling party, it is unable to see how disgusting it is to just believe that all the Shahrizat family has to do is make a restitution and everything will be ok.

Are we going to offer all white collar criminals or those who abuse government funds the same  deal?

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