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I am old, but I have not forgotten! — Lim Mun Fah

JAN 11 — I have no idea about the background of the Young Malaysian Journalists Club (KWMM) members and I don’t know what media they are from. I doubt, however, that those former subeditors and former reporters can still call themselves “journalists”?

I also wonder if a former subeditor with 25 years’ experience in the field can still be described as “young”.

There are also “journalists” of unknown origin. Are they qualified to represent the people of Malaysia to support Lynas?

As an “old” journalist, I don’t understand why Lynas did not invite the representative National Union of Journalists Malaysia (NUJ) but simply accommodated the KWMM when it had such a big announcement to make and a major R&D result to reveal. What was Lynas up to?

Anyway, I still have to show my generosity as a gentleman and congratulate Lynas for ushering in the first rare-earth product in the next few weeks and by-products to build road soon!

However, as a member of the general public and an old journalist, who might not be worth a single glance from Lynas, I am still full of doubts and need to ask:

• Where is the promised permanent waste storage?

• Where is the commitment of shipping out rare earth waste?

• What are the “non-negotiable conditions” for which Lynas must immediately stop operating if it fails to ship out rare earth waste or by-products?

• Where are the promised international legal restraints?

• What are the five conditions for the temporary operating licence (TOL)?

I would like to ask which promises and assurances mentioned above have been completely complied with? Which one of them has actually been properly implemented?

Unfortunately, what I have seen and heard over the past few months were only inconsistent, vacillating and contradictory responses, making me feel like taking a scary roller coaster ride.

However, I am still conscious and have not forgotten about the commitment made by the four ministers. Didn’t they insist that all rare earth waste must be shipped out? However, not long after that, rare-earth “waste” has become the rare earth “by-products”.

Perhaps, I am really getting old and became jaded. That is why I have kept asking how they are going to deal with the rare earth waste that has not been turned into by-products. And where would the by-products to be used in road building be sent if they are unable to find buyers?

The government has so far not yet given the people clear answers to the questions while Lynas has been avoiding the questions, as if they are none of its business.

Where is the so-called solemn promise? —

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