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Learn from your mistakes — Lim Sue Goan

JAN 10 — The blunder and embarrassment committed by the Penang state government is proof of the saying that “to err is human”. No politician or party could equal God, and be seen as God.

Guang Ming Daily deputy crime chief Ang Kean Siang being allegedly punched and kicked by a patrol unit member and the DAP’s miscalculation in its central executive committee election indicate that making mistakes is indeed unavoidable in life. 

Aiming at curbing crime, the Penang voluntary patrol unit was set up by the state government in 2010. But, was the background of members checked before hand, and did they stay within the guidelines during their membership? If not, it is indeed a blunder on the part of the state government.

Preliminary investigation shows that these patrol members consumed alcohol outside their makeshift operations centre, as pleaded by the said offender, and it tells how shaky in terms of discipline the unit is! 

The supervisor of the patrol unit should be accountable if a member beats someone up without a convincing cause. The same applies when RELA members abuse their power or enter homes by force, the accountable unit should be the Ministry of Home Affairs. The police higher-ups are responsible when a policeman abuses his power. Thus, I highly recommend that the Penang state government take remedial measures like sacking the offenders, re-assessing the background of all members and enhancing discipline.

Opportunity emerges from crises at times. Barisan Nasional’s frivolous way of tackling disciplinary matters should not be adopted by the Penang state government if it claims to be different in essence.

It is amiss of the DAP when it is exposed for its miscalculations and auditing. Be it intra-party elections or national elections, transparent and reliable audits should be observed. Similar to other parties, there were overseers in the DAP’s vote counting but it fell short in the auditing when there weren’t manual records of the votes obtained by the 68 candidates. Any unnoticeable error in computerised totalling will cause a painful miscalculation and it won’t be able to rectify in time. I believe there ought to be another group of reviewing auditors in addition to computerised totalling.

The opposition party is constantly demanding fairness from the Election Commission in elections and is putting serious effort in training observers and poll-watchers, thus it seems unpardonable to make such fiasco in its party elections. Is it not too lenient to itself but driving others unsparingly? There were no miscalculations in other parties’ elections though more intense in capacity. Take 1987 Umno party elections, for instance; the results were announced only a day later due to complicated calculations.

A supplementary vote counting mechanism should be set up by the DAP to avoid human errors. In fact, life is a trial-and-error process. In management, failures are not a shame if reflections and improvements as well as refinements follow. In such a vein, it augurs well for more grandeur missions.

Put simply, since the NFC case presents shortcomings in loans, such a grey area ought to be rectified accordingly; problems arise in national projects, stringent laws should be enacted. The dispute over the DAP’s miscalculations likewise exhibits nothing but itsr own flaws unfortunately. —

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