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Lost guns: IGP’s and Zahid’s cocky “explanation” -  Ravinder Singh

One told Malaysians that the guns might have fallen into the sea and the other confirmed it. This type of 'explanation' is what is termed in the Malay language as an attempt to "memperbodohkan" the public, to make fools of the public.

Even a bullet lost by a member of the police force is supposed to be reported, what more when weapons are lost. Thus there must be a report by each of the persons who lost their weapons and ammunition. Or has this practice been long discarded?

Losing weapons is a very serious matter. But to the Inspector General of Police and to Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, it is child's play, as if the guns lost were mere toy guns. They are arrogantly telling the public "to mind your own business" and that asking the police about the lost weapons is none of their business.

This cockiness stems from the fact that they are the ones in power and whatever they do or say must be meekly accepted as the truth which is final and binding. In other words, do not question those in authority. This is the culture of "ketuanan", the master must not be questioned. But isn't the public the master as the public elects the politicians into office and civil servants are the servants of civil society? So by the theory of "ketuanan", the public are the tuans of the politicians and the civil servants. So why can't the public question the politicians and public servants?   

The IGP and Zahid might have forgotten that there is evidence that at least one of the guns did not fall into the sea, unless the following news report is a made-up story. But then, the then Selangor acting police chief, A Thaiveegan was reported to have confirmed the case. (See The Malaysian Insider report here).

If the police could lose guns so easily, is it wrong for the public to be very concerned about the issue and raise questions about it.

Could the IGP and Zahid please confirm or deny the then Selangor acting police chief, A Thaiveegan's confirmation of this news report. – October 5, 2013.

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