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PAS’s myopic view about entertainment ― Jansen Chia

FEB 7 ― Time and again, PAS has taken a myopic view about entertainment for the masses. Psy’s appearance in Penang for Chinese New Year is no exception.

First, PAS spiritual leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat had no idea the South Korean rapper is a man. In a Sin Chew Daily report on Tuesday, the Kelantan mentri besar told Psy to “tutup aurat (protect [her] modesty)”.

When told that Psy is a man, Nik Aziz was concerned whether the content of the songs is positive for the youngsters.

I guess this happens because Kelantan has shunned all modernity and entertainment since PAS began ruling the state in 1990.

Also, it is not about extravagance. Someone wants to pay for Psy to entertain Malaysians during Chinese New Year. So be it.

We live in a global world. We listen to songs from all over the world, whether from South Korea or Saudi Arabia. So what is wrong with that?

I worry about Malaysia if we allow such outdated thinking like Nik Aziz’s to be the de facto policy in our country. And I wonder what PAS’s partners, DAP and PKR, think about this.

If we vote DAP, then we are voting for PAS and their way of thinking too. I hope Pakatan Rakyat (PR) takes note of this. As it is, we are not sure what they are thinking about when it comes to “Allah” and other policies.

Let Psy come here and entertain us without wondering whether he should protect his modesty. We have had enough of such blinkered thinking in our country when J.Lo and Pussycat Dolls turned up before.

We live for the future, not in the past. I won’t vote for a government that lives in the past.

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