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Scared or not? – Gan Yue-Li

MAY 1 – People were rightly scornful of the series of print advertisements by MCA. Just like the false threats that spewed from the lips of our Prime Minister and his minions at their ceramahs. It is obvious that all these fear-mongering tactics are in the hopes of subduing and frightening a nation that is hopeful for a new dawn.

But I am not afraid of the possibility of hudud. Instead, I am afraid that our young Malaysians will grow up without being properly taught to think, or speak, or debate. I am afraid they will, one day, have no choice but to leave the country because they are unable to find a better job, or a place in university.

I am not afraid that my right to enjoy a drink with friends will be curtailed. I am afraid for my dad every time he takes our dog out for a walk. I am afraid for my female friends every time we say goodnight and walk back to our own cars. I am afraid for my aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbours, and everyone else, every night even after we’ve locked our doors, turned on the alarm and imprisoned ourselves in our homes.

I am not afraid that my church will be forced to close by PAS. I am afraid that our children will one day think it’s ok to tell their non-Malay friends to “balik Cina” or “balik India” because they saw or heard adults screaming it. I am afraid that more people will think it’s ok to insult other religions because our Home Minister defended a few that did.

I am not afraid that I won’t be able to have my hair cut by a male hairdresser. I am afraid that my gay friends will be beaten up when they walk outside tomorrow, because the government of today is spreading and inciting the message that being gay is a sin or a disease.

I am not afraid of the possibility of another May 13 if Barisan Nasional loses. I am afraid that my friends will get hurt when they attend Opposition ceramahs that are disrupted by paid gangsters and Mat Rempits. I am afraid for the many prisoners in police or MACC’s custody who are tortured, beaten and who lose their lives while in the hands of the very people who should be protecting us.

I am not afraid that our country’s economy will plunge when the Opposition takes over as government. I am afraid that my EPF savings are being drained and sucked dry to bail out GLC failure after GLC failure. I am afraid that my tax money is being used to pay for RM500 spanners which actually cost RM10. I am afraid that our countrymen are being forced to pay higher tolls, higher electricity bills and suffer water shortages just because Barisan Nasional’s cronies are not getting enough millions and billions. I afraid for the indigenous people of Sabah and Sarawak who are laughed at as their lands are stolen from right under their feet.

I am not afraid of what may be, or of the false threats by Barisan Nasional which are an insult to our maturity as Malaysians.

But I am afraid for the many crimes that are already happening. I am afraid of the social injustices that have already happened. The longer Barisan Nasional stays in power, the more they will steal and plunder from our country and its people. The more they cling on to the last vestige of governance, the more our people will suffer, the higher cost of living will climb, the greater the corruption and abuses, the greater the failure of our country.

These are my fears. These are the real fears of the people. These are the issues that people feel strongly about. And if you were to get off your arrogant high horses and actually think about us, the people, instead of yourselves, you’d know our fears too – I’m voting for a government that does.

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