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Spamming Malaysia — The Malaysian Insider

DEC 13 — In the past 24 hours, some of you and definitely The Malaysian Insider have been inundated with emails from a number of names like Imran Sulaiman, Ranesa Jegatheesa and Malaysian Indian over the PKR protest for Indians who are purportedly stateless in Malaysia.

These emails are spam.

They are a waste of time and definitely a waste of money if someone is being paid to churn them out and send them to all and sundry.

It shows how much political parties and even governments go to great lengths to get their views across to each and every one of us Malaysians ahead of the general election.

But it is a pain.

And it will turn off some if not most of the recipients of such emails.

Those in power can do better by engaging and explaining to the media the actual state of affairs on issues and matters where political parties take to the streets to push their cause.

There is really no need for pro-government supporters to set up email accounts, or social media accounts, to propagate their point of view and inundate us with their opinions.

Because there is too much noise and chatter in the networks that one is just tempted to trash all these emails, mute Twitter accounts and Facebook statuses that are nothing but propaganda nonsense.

So, please stop spamming us with such drivel. Make a good argument, identify yourself and engage those whom you wish to have a conversation.

Or waste your time and effort, only to end up in the trash folder.



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