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The economic benefits of the MRT — Alice Chin

OCT 18 — The recent heated discussions in the press about the MRT seem to have totally missed out a key important point. The MRT will benefit everybody and not just a select few.

People will find it easier to move around, the city will be free of traffic jams and the MRT will act as a catalyst for the overall economy.

For those who are still living under a coconut shell, we have to accept the fact that change is the only permanent thing in the world and time and tide waits for no man.

We, the majority of Klang Valley residents, want the MRT. We want to spend less time on the road, in the bus or taxis. We want to get to meetings on time and we want to be back home early to see our families.  Better, if there are no traffic jams or polluted air.

Undoubtedly a good public transportation is vital in any major city and Kuala Lumpur is no exception.

The biggest benefit of the MRT is the amount of time it can save for all of us. Time is money and every minute saved is a minute gained. It’s not rocket science that many people saving a lot of time will result in huge benefits for all.

Accessibility and affordability to new areas of development brought by the MRT as just announced in the budget by the PM is very much welcomed.

Connectivity with other forms of public transportation will make it more convenient and affordable than maintaining a car with petrol, parking and tolls.

With a little more information and communication, I am sure we will understand the how the economics of the MRT will flow through.

There will be some sacrifices in the short term but we need to plan for the future and not live in the past.

* Alice Chin reads The Malaysian Insider.

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