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‘Trust’ Najib! — Sam Peh

FEB 7 — Why all this cynicism about Najib Razak’s “trust me and I can help you” statement? This is a man who can be “trusted”.

Let us examine the evidence since he became prime minister in 2009.

He can be “trusted” to keep silent when Perkasa bashes the Chinese and Indians and questions the loyalty of non-Malays.

He can be “trusted” to keep silent when supporters of Umno drag a cow head through the streets in protest against the construction of a temple in Shah Alam.

He can be “trusted” to pretend to be deaf when Umno politicians make all sorts of accusations against Christians and Christianity. (Note to PM: Not all Indians are Hindus)

He can be “trusted” to understand that it’s fine for ministers’ families to get government soft loans and use the money for better-yielding purchases.

He can be “trusted” to use 1 Malaysia as a sticker for any venture that basically gives money to voters in return for support.

He can be “trusted” to allow state companies to be sold to government cronies and even national projects awarded without open tenders.

He can be “trusted” to start a health insurance scheme where the people have to pay, although the government provides primary health-care.

Please “trust” Najib to do what it takes to keep power.

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