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We don’t need Santa Claus — Christopher Kannan

December 25, 2012

DEC 25 — The prime minister has not forgotten the Christians, and that is why we can now travel to Jerusalem.

Should I be grateful?

I tell you what. I would be really grateful if my leader shuts up Perkasa, Utusan and Umno types who bash Christians all year round.

I am still upset that the PM has not clobbered Ibrahim Ali or his ilk. The only consolation is some two-bit politician saying we all have to be tolerant and respect the majority of people. It makes us feel like children of a lesser god, and sometimes, being told we are “pendatang”, “kafir” and whatever that might not pass as an outright insult.

And then once a year, the PM comes around like Santa Claus and says that he has not forgotten Christians!

I do think the country will be better served if leaders protect minorities 24/7 365 days a year, not just on Christmas Day.

While some of us may want to travel to Jerusalem, I, for one, would settle for a neighbourhood church and an end to scaremongering about Christians in Utusan Malaysia.

No one can take away my rights or feel as charitable and jolly as Santa Claus to give me a present because I’ve been nice and not naughty.

Mr Prime Minister, you can be prime minister for all if you do it every moment you hold that office and if you protect everyone’s rights and shut up hate and racist speak.

Come election day, I’ll be your Santa and see if I give you my vote for being nice all year round instead of just on Christmas Day.

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