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Why are non-Malays enemies of BN? — Jaleel Hameed

OCT 23 — Tan Sri Sanusi Junid’s revelation today about Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s economic policy is shocking. How can any Malaysian government base its policy on Hitlerian Germany’s anti-Jew measures? How can it equate non-Malays to Jews, to be sidelined economically in the pursuit of a richer Malay community?

And why have non-Malays, no less citizens of Malaysia, become enemies of the Barisan Nasional (BN) under Dr Mahathir? Is the current government also following Dr Mahathir’s line and think the non-Malays should be ostracised?

Come, sirs in Putrajaya, pray tell? Are we really a country that uses race like Hitler when conducting business? That anyone who isn’t Malay shouldn’t be allowed to compete or must be handicapped to ensure the Malays progress further?

Sir, what does that make the Malays? We are a race that have competed and can compete with the world but you, yes you in BN, sir, make us look so unworthy that we need policies to make sure we can do well.

Of course, Dr Mahathir can believe that the Jews are responsible for everything, like he said today, “The problem is that they (Jews) were the ones who created problems for us and the world because they disobeyed international law and got away with it.”

But do his policies mean the non-Malays are also like Jews? That they should be treated as enemies?

Will anyone in BN repudiate this grossly racist and unfair idea of Dr Mahathir and his cohorts?

We are Malaysians but your policies are meant to divide us, which is what the British were blamed for. It seems, however, that Dr Mahathir borrowed a leaf from our colonial master’s playbook.

No, sir, no Malaysian should be an enemy of the government of the day. No Malaysian should be denied his right to do anything on the basis of race. That is evil and diabolical.

If anyone persists along such lines, sir, then BN will lose the next general election. And deservedly so.

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