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Why give Raja Nazrin space? — Lucius Goon

JUNE 11 — Tell me, The Malaysian Insider, is there a particular reason why you would provide Raja Nazrin space in your portal?

He has a way with words and concepts, but at the end of the day, that is all it is: Words.

Have we forgotten the sordid affair of the so-called power grab in Perak where the democratically-elected government was ousted through the political machinations of Umno?

Where was the Perak royal household then? Did they stand up for democracy and the rights of the rakyat? Were they honest brokers?

Similarly, over the years, Raja Nazrin has talked and written about the judiciary, rule of law and separation of powers. But all those words amounted to naught during the power grab in Perak.

So, should we take him seriously when he talks about governance and warns Malaysians about groups that tended to overstate criticisms against public institutions?

He also noted that some groups had taken hardened positions, lamented the polarisation in society, etc. For good measure, he also warned the “gullible” about believing what is written on the Internet.

Gullible is a good word. That describes many of us who have swallowed what the “authorities”, and that includes royalty, have told us for a long time.

So once again, The Malaysian Insider. Internet websites should be for credible voices. The likes of Raja Nazrin already have a platform in Utusan Malaysia and Berita Harian.

* Lucius Goon reads The Malaysian Insider.

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