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A Prayer for the Jelutong Tiger – Abdul Aziz Abdullah

You knew me never, I’ve only seen you from near Your influence so dire, your principles do inspire Intention to acquire, steadfastness sans fear Of Kings and mortals mere, of preachers and pretenders!   They tried not once, they schemed askance To tame your belligerence, to enforce your silence Each time they prance,... Read More

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The passion of Easter – Duncan Graham

Congregations will spill into parking lots, sometimes even the street. Laggards will have to make do with... Read More

I want to grow up to be like Karpal Singh – Jagdip Singh

That is something I said from pretty much the time I learned about him and probably until forever. A mountain of... Read More

‘Under the Malaysian sun’, a phrase I will remember for life – Benedict Thomas

I felt numb immediately.  I had just read that Karpal Singh perished in a car accident. It will remain one of the... Read More

The Tiger who smiles – Dyana Sofya

It was 2.30am on a Thursday and I was sitting at the dining table in the kitchen. I have been staring at my laptop... Read More

We will fulfil your behest, Karpal – Darwin Lim Chee Chien

In my mind, Karpal Singh not only the Tiger of Jelutong, but he is more like iron tiger, either in the courts or... Read More

A promise to insensitive politicians – Sheela R.

Dear sirs, At some point in the future, you will depart from this world, as I will. It would be a time of... Read More

In remembrance of Sir Karpal – Sharifah A

It was approximately 6am when my dearest mother knocked on my door. Semi-consciously, I pulled back my... Read More

Loss of statesman and ‘adab’ – Abdul Haleem Abdul Rahiman

The nation lost a statesman – Karpal Singh. The tragedy is not his death but the death of compassion and “adab”... Read More

Farewell Tiger of Jelutong – Khairil Nizam Khirudin

The news of the passing of a Malaysia's political great, Karpal Singh, in a car accident early this morning... Read More

I want to grow up to be like Karpal Singh – James Chai

For a lifetime’s worth, the lives that he had shaken far exceeded that of our lives which are shamefully spent... Read More