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The passion of Easter – Duncan Graham

Congregations will spill into parking lots, sometimes even the street. Laggards will have to make do with closed-circuit telecasts, bottom-pinching metal chairs and maybe a slither of shade under blue plastic. For many Westerners, especially from Australasia, Easter in Indonesia is an extraordinary experience. We know the... Read More

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I want to grow up to be like Karpal Singh – Jagdip Singh

That is something I said from pretty much the time I learned about him and probably until forever. A mountain of... Read More

‘Under the Malaysian sun’, a phrase I will remember for life – Benedict Thomas

I felt numb immediately.  I had just read that Karpal Singh perished in a car accident. It will remain one of the... Read More

The Tiger who smiles – Dyana Sofya

It was 2.30am on a Thursday and I was sitting at the dining table in the kitchen. I have been staring at my laptop... Read More

We will fulfil your behest, Karpal – Darwin Lim Chee Chien

In my mind, Karpal Singh not only the Tiger of Jelutong, but he is more like iron tiger, either in the courts or... Read More

A promise to insensitive politicians – Sheela R.

Dear sirs, At some point in the future, you will depart from this world, as I will. It would be a time of... Read More

In remembrance of Sir Karpal – Sharifah A

It was approximately 6am when my dearest mother knocked on my door. Semi-consciously, I pulled back my... Read More

Loss of statesman and ‘adab’ – Abdul Haleem Abdul Rahiman

The nation lost a statesman – Karpal Singh. The tragedy is not his death but the death of compassion and “adab”... Read More

Farewell Tiger of Jelutong – Khairil Nizam Khirudin

The news of the passing of a Malaysia's political great, Karpal Singh, in a car accident early this morning... Read More

I want to grow up to be like Karpal Singh – James Chai

For a lifetime’s worth, the lives that he had shaken far exceeded that of our lives which are shamefully spent... Read More

Learning from Karpal’s grit – Charles Santiago

People say that life is full of unexpected twists and turns. But none of these mysterious unfolding of life... Read More