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Pardon and honour for Karpal Singh – Tan Eng Bee

I am happy and would like to commend the Penang state government for honouring the late Karpal Singh with a state funeral befitting his stature and contribution to the nation. Lim Guan Eng should be appreciated for the kindness and honour extended to Karpal's family in their hour of grief and sorrow.  It is a kind gesture by... Read More

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The tyger of Jelutong – “OMG!”

Karpal, who art thou? Tyger! Tyger! Burning bright! You left an indelible imprint, In the forests of the... Read More

Deeper magic: 3 surprising things about Good Friday – Alwyn Lau

Today is Good Friday. To Christians, it’s the most holy day of the religious calendar. But “holy” not in the Golden... Read More

Tribute to Tiger of Jelutong – Raja Ahmad Shahrir

It was just barely a month ago, where Karpal Singh found himself “guilty” of sedition for his voice against the... Read More

A Rohingya voice on violations and remedies - Wai Wai Nu

I feel honored to have the chance to speak as a panel in this discussion on Rohingya issue. I myself is a Rohingya,... Read More

An obituary to Karpal – Chun Hong

To go thru the day knowing your nation has lost one of its shining beacons in life, is probably one of the hardest... Read More

A Prayer for the Jelutong Tiger – Abdul Aziz Abdullah

You knew me never, I’ve only seen you from near Your influence so dire, your principles do... Read More

The passion of Easter – Duncan Graham

Congregations will spill into parking lots, sometimes even the street. Laggards will have to make do with... Read More

I want to grow up to be like Karpal Singh – Jagdip Singh

That is something I said from pretty much the time I learned about him and probably until forever. A mountain... Read More

‘Under the Malaysian sun’, a phrase I will remember for life – Benedict Thomas

I felt numb immediately.  I had just read that Karpal Singh perished in a car accident. It will remain one of... Read More

The Tiger who smiles – Dyana Sofya

It was 2.30am on a Thursday and I was sitting at the dining table in the kitchen. I have been staring at my... Read More