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National unity dialogue should be people-first – Sin Chew Daily

National Unity and Integration Department director-general Datuk Azman Hassan said that the Cabinet has agreed to convene a closed dialogue session between political leaders from the ruling and alternative coalitions. If everything goes well, Barisan Nasional top leaders will hold the first dialogue with Pakatan Rakyat leaders,... Read More

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Miri Airport needs an upgrade – Jofri Jaraiee

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Why the need for hudud? – Ravinder Singh

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The less visible Chinese poor – Koon Yew Yin

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How to be a rocket scientist in Malaysia – SR

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On the impracticalities of hudud in Malaysia – Nicolei

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Pursuing better Malaysia-China relations – Sin Chew Daily

China and Malaysia are celebrating the 40th anniversary of formal ties in 2014, but it is worrying as the... Read More

The ever persistent phishermen – The Tired Eye

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