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Death in the family – Peter Ramanathan

For the benefit of those unfamiliar with us, Malaysia is a federation, a constitutional monarchy with 13 states. Nine states have a hereditary sultan as the head of state and four states have a head of state nominated by the federal government. A Conference of Rulers is constituted from among the heads of state and among their... Read More

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Personal tribute to Karpal Singh – Eric Paulsen

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A death in the family – Peter Ramanathan

The sudden death of Karpal Singh, the eminent lawyer and a leading opposition member of Parliament, has gripped the... Read More

In honour of Karpal Singh – Toh Sin Wah

My sincere condolences to the immediate families of our late Bukit Gelugor MP Karpal Singh and his longtime... Read More

Karpal Singh: a man of principle and integrity – Tan Eng Bee

I woke up to the news this morning to read that one of Malaysia's best noted and favourite sons has died in an... Read More

My tribute to Karpal Singh – Anwar Ibrahim

“He gave his honours to the world again, his blessed part to heaven, and henceforth, will now sleep in peace.” At... Read More

On the death of Karpal Singh – Clive Kessler

The Malaysian state may now, if it so chooses, be proud of the fact (and rejoice forever in the ensuing glory)... Read More

Karpal Singh, a Malaysian hero – William de Cruz

There is a time for heroes, warriors and true patriots. Karpal Singh was one among an entirely rare breed of... Read More

Karpal Singh: a legacy for nation building – Denison Jayasooria

The late Karpal Singh was an outstanding lawyer, parliamentarian, politician and human rights defender. This... Read More

Tribute to a Malaysian hero – Omar Kutty

Dear Gobind and family, It was with great sadness that I heard about the tragic circumstances surrounding the... Read More

Australia’s prospering partnership with Asean – Julie Bishop

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