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Save me first! – Tay Tian Yan

In my music CD collection, there is one that I would take out every now and then for replay. It's called "And The Band Played On: Music Played on the Titanic." Don't get me wrong. This has nothing to do with the movie “Titanic”, and the theme song from the movie sung by Celine Dion did not find its way into the album. To be... Read More

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How to solve this mother of all jurisdictional problems? – Art Harun

Wan Ismail (no relation to anybody dead or alive) was born in Malacca. His father comes from Kelantan. His mother... Read More

Oh, wonderful Malaysia! A rejoinder to Alex de Silva – Rip Van Winkle

So tell your sons and daughters and grandchildren this: Malaysia is a wonderful place. It’s full of muhibbah,... Read More

Shame is already a revolution – Nadilla Jamil

I am ashamed of being a Malay. Our reading is mendicant and sycophantic. In history, our imagination plays us... Read More

No sedition in heaven: A tribute to the Tiger of Jelutong – Jose Mario Dolor De Vega

I refer to Raja Shahrir’s “Thank you for showing us what courage is”, in Free Malaysia Today, April 19, with regard... Read More

Open letter to President Barack Obama – Molly Cheah

Dear President Obama, The Malaysian Council for Tobacco Control (MCTC) would like to take this opportunity to bid... Read More

National unity dialogue should be people-first – Sin Chew Daily

National Unity and Integration Department director-general Datuk Azman Hassan said that the Cabinet has agreed... Read More

Losing in the battle with Satan – Mahsa Amiri

The topics of democracy, liberalism, human rights are not new in contemporary Malaysia. However, with almost... Read More

Malaysia’s shame – MWong

I write to express my deepest revulsion and shock at the disturbing comments and behaviour of public figures... Read More

Karpal Singh, true humanitarian – Lee Min Choon

This has nothing to do with the Malay Bible. But I can’t help but feel a sense of loss with the passing of a... Read More

Miri Airport needs an upgrade – Jofri Jaraiee

Miri Airport is the third busiest airport in Malaysia in terms of aircraft movements. It provided services to... Read More