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In remembrance of Sir Karpal – Sharifah A

It was approximately 6am when my dearest mother knocked on my door. Semi-consciously, I pulled back my blanket, thinking that it was still a bit too early for morning prayers.  It was when she announced from the other side of the door that “Sir Karpal Singh had passed away” that I found myself standing straight up while... Read More

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Loss of statesman and ‘adab’ – Abdul Haleem Abdul Rahiman

The nation lost a statesman – Karpal Singh. The tragedy is not his death but the death of compassion and “adab” –... Read More

Farewell Tiger of Jelutong – Khairil Nizam Khirudin

The news of the passing of a Malaysia's political great, Karpal Singh, in a car accident early this morning came as... Read More

I want to grow up to be like Karpal Singh – James Chai

For a lifetime’s worth, the lives that he had shaken far exceeded that of our lives which are shamefully spent more... Read More

Learning from Karpal’s grit – Charles Santiago

People say that life is full of unexpected twists and turns. But none of these mysterious unfolding of life... Read More

Personal tribute to Karpal Singh – Eric Paulsen

It was truly shocking and heart-breaking to hear of Mr Karpal Singh’s sudden death this morning, a man whom I still... Read More

In honour of Karpal Singh – Toh Sin Wah

My sincere condolences to the immediate families of our late Bukit Gelugor MP Karpal Singh and his longtime... Read More

Karpal Singh: a man of principle and integrity – Tan Eng Bee

I woke up to the news this morning to read that one of Malaysia's best noted and favourite sons has died in an... Read More

My tribute to Karpal Singh – Anwar Ibrahim

“He gave his honours to the world again, his blessed part to heaven, and henceforth, will now sleep in... Read More

On the death of Karpal Singh – Clive Kessler

The Malaysian state may now, if it so chooses, be proud of the fact (and rejoice forever in the ensuing glory)... Read More

Karpal Singh, a Malaysian hero – William de Cruz

There is a time for heroes, warriors and true patriots. Karpal Singh was one among an entirely rare breed of... Read More