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A fork, a fork, a spade, a spade – Nadira Ilana

My very extended response to Wong Chin Huat's FB post calling for non-Muslims to adjust their language when discussing hudud and not to leave the discussion to Muslims alone: I’m just not sure what’s a "nice" way to have a conversation about a set of laws that legitimises amputations, slavery and public stoning in God’s name.... Read More

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An open letter to Barack Obama – Dennis Ignatius

Dear Mr. President, It has been widely reported that you won’t be meeting Malaysia’s opposition leader, Anwar... Read More

Moral crisis at the heart of Obama’s peace – Ramzy Baroud

To understand how thoughtless the US latest “peace process” drive has been, one only needs to consider some of the... Read More

The clash of civilisations in modern history – Abdul Rahman Shah

This article is a simplified review of the two ideas and while reading, readers may notice some similarities with... Read More

An open letter to President Obama – Nizam Mahshar

Dear Mr President, First of all, we welcome you to our country as the first president of the United States to do... Read More

Heavier punishment for reckless express-bus drivers – Sin Chew Daily

The recent traffic accidents involving express buses in the country have again raised attention on bus safety... Read More

Former Court of Appeal judge should respect rights of other religions – Vijay Shanmugam

I refer to the statement from the former Court of Appeal Judge, Datuk Mohd Noor Abdullah, which he made on... Read More

Save me first! – Tay Tian Yan

In my music CD collection, there is one that I would take out every now and then for replay. It's called "And... Read More

How to solve this mother of all jurisdictional problems? – Art Harun

Wan Ismail (no relation to anybody dead or alive) was born in Malacca. His father comes from Kelantan. His... Read More

Oh, wonderful Malaysia! A rejoinder to Alex de Silva – Rip Van Winkle

So tell your sons and daughters and grandchildren this: Malaysia is a wonderful place. It’s full of muhibbah,... Read More

Shame is already a revolution – Nadilla Jamil

I am ashamed of being a Malay. Our reading is mendicant and sycophantic. In history, our imagination plays us... Read More