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On the death of Karpal Singh – Clive Kessler

The Malaysian state may now, if it so chooses, be proud of the fact (and rejoice forever in the ensuing glory) that its last official act towards this great man was to find him guilty of upholding the principle – the uncontroversial and incontrovertible principle – that the rule of law is the rule of law and that constitutional... Read More

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Karpal Singh, a Malaysian hero – William de Cruz

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Karpal Singh: a legacy for nation building – Denison Jayasooria

The late Karpal Singh was an outstanding lawyer, parliamentarian, politician and human rights defender. This is a... Read More

Tribute to a Malaysian hero – Omar Kutty

Dear Gobind and family, It was with great sadness that I heard about the tragic circumstances surrounding the... Read More

Australia’s prospering partnership with Asean – Julie Bishop

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When Civil Court and Syariah Court collides – Jimmy Puah

It is a cardinal rule of law, that all laws enacted should be clear and unambiguous in terms. The reasoning for... Read More

Enough of politics and start leading country – Visnu Natesan

We have lost the plot in the search for a better country. Our society has become pessimistic without much... Read More

Hole in the heart of Africa – Ban Ki-moon

The Security Council has approved my proposal to deploy a United Nations peacekeeping mission to the Central... Read More

All the best to you, too, Khalid – Joe Anak Selangor

“I have an instinctive distrust for politicians” – Brian May, Queen guitarist The above quote was taken from... Read More

Is Kiara Park makeover worth the millions spent? – Lim Chui Choo

“The nation behaves well if it treats its natural resources as assets which it must turn over to the next... Read More

Rethink the PKR elections – Sakmongkol AK47

I thought I have written my last article on the PKR elections. In my last article I did say, I want Azmin Ali... Read More