Emulate Germany’s coaching structure , former AFC sec-gen tells FAM

Former Asian Football Confederation (AFC) secretary-general, Datuk Peter Velappan has suggested to the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) to hold an exchange coaching programme with the Germany Football Association (DFB) to take Malaysian football to a higher level.

Velappan who was FAM's assistant secretary from 1963 to 1980, admitted that the European country had the best coaching structure in the world, leading them to emerge victorious at the recently concluded 2014 Fifa World Cup in Brazil.

He noted that Germany was good in building up their talents starting with the foundation (school development programme), the pillars (club development) until the roof (national development), which was contrary to the situation in Malaysia.

"In Malaysia, we prefer to build (focus on) the roof first, before going down to the lower structure, the foundation, which is not right.

"I have spoken to (FAM president), Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah and AFC to send the coaches to Germany or both parties can send their officials there.

"For me, Germany has the best coaching programme (in the world)," he told reporters while recalling his experience of the 2014 World Cup at his office in Kuala Lumpur today.

Velappan, who had undergone a coaching stint at three different European clubs in his glory days – Eintracht Frankfurt (Germany), Real Madrid (Spain) and Arsenal (England) said, except Japan, other Asian countries needed to improve their coaching system to cope with the current football pattern which required speed and good football techniques.

"We have no excuse as we are currently in the professional era and not amateurs. The team that I took to the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich when taking charge as the national team manager were all amateurs.

"In today's era, most of the players are professional and they are paid (high salaries) to play football. Therefore, there is no compromise on physical fitness," he said while urging FAM to revamp its outdated coaching structure.

On another note, Velappan said he doubted Asean as a group could host the 2034 World Cup as they lacked the football facilities to meet FIFA's high-standard requirements. – Bernama, July 24, 2014.