Blog your way to the London Olympics

By Erna Mahyuni
April 06, 2012

The Samsung Global Blogger Challenge is open to all comers.The Samsung Global Blogger Challenge is open to all comers.KUALA LUMPUR, April 6 — Fancy an all-expenses paid trip to the London Olympics? Well, grab your mobile phone/video camera/web cam and you could just make it happen.

The Samsung Global Blogger campaign is a global contest where lucky winners from all over the world (including Malaysia) can audition for a chance to go to the 2012 Olympics.

What you need to do:

1. Shoot a 30-second video explaining why you (and not your neighbour or that annoying blogger who posts 10,000 pictures of herself eating ice cream) should be Malaysia’s Samsung Global Blogger.

2. Submit your entry here. You have until April 22 to do so.

Need more motivation? Well, British chef Jamie Oliver is one of Samsung’s spokespersons for the campaign and recorded his own video — a love letter to London and just why you should come experience it yourself. Watch it here.

Besides tickets to London, a daily allowance and entry to specific sporting events, you will also get to play around with the latest cool Samsung mobile devices.

If you have the time and video skills, then give it a go. Think of it as you doing your national duty to save us from being represented by a blogger who might spend half the time blogging about his or her outfits/taking pictures of what he or she ate every other hour in London/posting about the weather.

Whoever wins, we demand gratuitous shots of the Olympic beach volleyball competition. Just in case we send our own representatives in future, really. Do it for the future of Malaysian beach volleyball!