Garmin announces new GPS watch for fuss-free data tracking

September 04, 2012

NEW YORK, Sept 4 — Garmin has announced the release of a new GPS watch that tracks your speed and distance without a lot of fuss.

Announced on August 28, the Forerunner 10 is available in three colours (picture) — green, black and pink — and retails for US$129.99 (RM403). While the company currently ships only to the US, international customers can access a list of dealers via the Garmin website.

The concept is to provide runners with an “entry-level” GPS watch that lets them track data without having to study the user manual. The display keeps it simple: it features your total running time and distance, while a second screen option displays pace and calories. 

The watch also features a virtual pacer, which lets you measure your progress against an imaginary runner who sets a pre-determined pace, as well as a run-walk timer. 

If you’re looking for something with a few extras, Nike and TomTom have upgraded the GPS Sportwatch Nike+, featuring day-glow colours and a starter pack available for US$149 for users new to running and the NikeFuel system. In addition to tracking position, speed, distance travelled, and calories burned, users can record their workout history and track personal best records. The new watch also turns running distance into “universal units” called NikeFuel, which allow you to compare your total exertion while running and performing other sports, and compare them with those of your friends.

Nike+ rival and popular app Runtastic recently unveiled its GPS-enabled pulse watch and heart rate chest strap that, of course, conveniently sync to the app itself. The GPS watch tracks heart rate data and location and doesn’t require a smartphone. — AFP-Relaxnews