iPhone 5 concept design causes buzz

February 25, 2012

Concept iPhone 5 by Ciccarese Design — Picture courtesy of ciccaresedesignConcept iPhone 5 by Ciccarese Design — Picture courtesy of ciccaresedesignNEW YORK, Feb 25 — While Tim Cook and Apple may be remaining tight-lipped on the next-gen iPhone, one design firm has analysed online rumours surrounding the much anticipated “iPhone 5” and produced a series of concept images.

The concept iPhone 5 design was created by Italian designer Federico Ciccarese of Ciccarese Design after trawling through various online rumours and speculation.

The final images show a sleek, flat-screen device with a curved back designed to fit in the palm of a hand. One side of the slim phone also features volume control buttons towards the top of the device while the other features a headphones jack towards the bottom of the device.

The back of the concept iPhone 5, interestingly shown in white, features a lit-up Apple logo slightly below the rear-facing camera. A full range of images can be seen on the designer's website at

On February 23, the birthday of the late Steve Jobs, the design was featured on numerous tech blogs including and caused a buzz among Apple fans on Twitter.

While Apple may not be announcing the iPhone 5 anytime soon the company is expected to launch the next-generation “iPad 3” at an event on March 7. — AFP-Relaxnews