‘Photos of You’ brings image tagging to Instagram

May 04, 2013

NEW YORK, May 4 — A new Instagram feature that can be applied to both people and to brands moves the social media platform one step closer to its parent Facebook.

Instagram’s Photos of You. — Picture courtesy of InstagramInstagram’s Photos of You. — Picture courtesy of InstagramCalled Photos of You, the feature allows the site’s growing user base to tag their friends and to tag businesses featured in their filtered and shared photos. Until now, Instagram’s members had to rely solely on hashtags and file names to help classify their photos. 

While the new option is very similar to that found on Facebook, it differs in one very significant regard: only the photo’s owner can tag the image. On Facebook anyone in a user’s Friends group can tag an image. But as Instagam explained in a blog post to highlight the launch: “Only you can add people to your photos, so you have control over the images you share.”

The updated version of the app for both iOS and Android is available to download now, either from the Apple App store or Google Play. Once installed, users will discover there is a new Photos of You section on their profile and when someone else on the platform adds a tag of that user to an image, a notification and the image in question will appear in this new section. This is for approval purposes. “Want to make sure you like the photo first? No problem: you can easily adjust your settings so nothing appears on your profile until you approve it. Before your Photos of You section is visible to other people, you’ll have until May 16th to play around and get used to the feature,” says the blog post.

There is also a how-to video to accompany the launch, which can be seen here. — AFP-Relaxnews