Samsung working on 6.3-inch phablet?

April 03, 2013

The new Samsung Galaxy Note II is displayed at the IFA consumer electronics fair in Berlin, August 29, 2012. — Reuters picThe new Samsung Galaxy Note II is displayed at the IFA consumer electronics fair in Berlin, August 29, 2012. — Reuters picSEOUL, April 3 — Leaked images and specifications point to a monster handset from Korean tech giant Samsung in May and two phablets from BlackBerry before the spring of 2014.

A report published this week by analytics firm Flurry that, after crunching through worldwide mobile device usage figures for the last month, concluded that phablets do not enhance the user experience and are currently nothing more than a fad, seems to have been ignored by Samsung and BlackBerry alike, as both are gearing up to launch new phablet offerings this year.

According to unnamed sources that spoke to the ever-reliable Samsung blog Sammobile, Samsung has not one, but two huge phones in the pipeline. Called the Galaxy Mega, they will be available with a 5.8-inch display or with a tablet-encroaching, pocket-splitting 6.3-inch display.

The smaller of the two models will come in white and is expected to launch on May 27 while the larger of the two devices will come in black and will make its debut on June 17. Slashgear, which also reported the news, has suggested that these phablets could be aimed at hardcore gamers.

EA recently announced that it is to release a number of games that have been optimized for the Samsung Galaxy S4, so there’s every possibility that the company will also be developing titles that are suited to even bigger mobile screens.

BlackBerry is also planning to launch two phablet devices to complement its existing BB10 devices. According to a leaked slide from BB10Leaks that claims to show the company’s product roadmap for 2013, BlackBerry is planning a full touch-screen phablet based on the B10 smartphone codenamed the U10 and expected to launch before the end of 2013 and a phablet with a QWERTY keyboard based on the Q10 handset and codenamed the R10, which should follow in early 2014.

Unlike Samsung, it would appear that BlackBerry is targeting its traditional business customers, who want sufficient screen real estate to multitask and run apps side by side. — AFP/Relaxnews