Everything you need to know about Motorola’s smartphone launch tomorrow

The Moto X handset, billed by Google and Motorola as a revolutionary device, is set to make its official debut at a live-streamed New York launch event tomorrow.

So, should we be excited?

The simple answer is yes, if you care about features and benefits and usability rather than processor size and megapixels. Thanks to leaked specifications, benchmarks and even sales videos, we know that the Moto-X will be contextually aware -- in other words it will always know where it is, and thanks to its sensor array, will also be able to anticipate what an owner wants to do before he or she does it.

For example even in standby, its microphone is active, listening and ready to respond to voice commands. There's every possibility that it will be able to identify keywords and automatically perform web searches based on the term or pull up contact details when it hears the name of someone listed in the contacts book.

Motorola has already confirmed that its sensors will enable it to distinguish when it is being brought up to a user's face in order to take a photo and when it is in a car. It will also be able to automatically respond to both situations -- whether it means launching the camera or the navigation system. We also know that the phone will feature a new camera interface developed for speed, ease of use and accuracy and that all a user need do is flick their wrist in order to launch the camera and start snapping.

Another first for a smartphone is its range of customisations. Prospective owners will be able to choose from a number of colours and finishes and will even be able to select custom wallpaper and user interface themes so that they can personalise their phones to match their style.

In terms of internal specifications, the Moto X will have a 1.7GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 Pro, supported by 2GB of RAM and a 720p rather than a 1080p full HD display. And although a lot of information regarding the phone has already surfaced over recent months, don't for a moment believe that that the Moto X doesn't have any other tricks up its sleeve. This is the first handset that Motorola had developed in partnership with Google since the search giant acquired the company in 2012. Therefore expectations are high and those are the occasions when Google delivers.

The official launch starts at 8pm EST. The first handsets are expected to ship on Aug 23 and could retail for as little as US$300 (about RM1,000) without a contract. – AFP/Relaxnews, July 31, 2013.


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