The Hemingway Hotel is coming soon

April 19, 2012

A sculpture of Hemingway is shown at the Floridita bar in Havana. — AFP picA sculpture of Hemingway is shown at the Floridita bar in Havana. — AFP picNEW YORK, April 19 — The family of literary great Ernest Hemingway has announced plans to open a hotel chain in the name of the writer.

Hemingway Hotels and Resorts will be a chain of properties which the family says will be based upon the life of Ernest Hemingway, reflecting what it describes as “the best of the Hemingway lifestyle.”

Hemingway was a prolific traveller, leaving the US for Italy at the outset of World War I and going on to travel extensively through Europe, Africa and the Caribbean before returning to the US, where he committed suicide in 1961.

All of the new chain’s properties will be located in destinations that have had “a relationship” with Hemingway, the firm says, either directly or offering an opportunity themed around the locations.

Also on offer will be activities from adventurous sports to cultural gatherings such as book readings and tours, while bars have been branded the “ultimate gathering places to enjoy Hemingway’s favourite libations.”

Guests can expect four-star or above treatment, with restaurants serving authentically local cuisine and spa treatment rooms available to soothe the muscles after a hard day adventuring — or writing. — AFP-Relaxnews